We are well renowned and trusted for our range of fall arrest equipment. This equipment is manufactured to the SANS and EN Standards. We supply and install the Travsafe horizontal lifeline system. We are the specialist as Lifeline manufacturers.


We take pride in knowing that we offer the best quality products in town, and those at the most competitive prices. We make our presence felt among the most reputed companies in the industry for our excellent service and quality.

We supply companies ranging from large multinational industries to small local businesses.

What is the Travsafe System?

The Travsafe System is a permanent, double wired rope lifeline system. It is designed to protect a person who uses the lifeline by wearing a body harness and shock absorbing safety lanyard, from falling.

The Travsafe lifeline makes use of two tensioned wire ropes. It is secured by supports spaced at a maximum interval of 15.2m.

While making use of a travelling anchor point, the lifeline provides an uninterrupted line and can also include curves and corners to suit any application.

The Travsafe Traveler is a travelling anchor point. It is attached to the lanyard and has two jaws that automatically grip the wire rope in the event that you fall. During use, the user is held within the life line system.

We proudly supply the following industries:

  • Mining Industry
  • Engineering Industry
  • Steel Construction
  • Any industry that requires high quality safety and rigging equipment


We take every precaution to ensure that our Lifelines are manufactured according to strict regulations. We do not compromise on any safety measurements and strive to keep you safe at all times. Our extensive experience in the industry allows us to make accurate predictions and provide safe Lifelines.



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