Phakamisa Industries is a leading supplier of the fall protection equipment industry. We supply fall protection equipment at the best quality and possible prices. We have an extensive range of safety equipment and below we have listed a few.

Webbing Slings

Webbing slings are generally produced using polyester, and are intended to lift substantial burdens. Webbing slings are adaptable, lightweight and have a wide bearing surface, which secures the heap you are lifting.

Endless round slings

Endless slings in stretch – resistant polyester are one of the most flexible lifting slings you can find. The round endless design makes them cost effective.

Chain slings

Chain slings are frequently chosen when working under high temperatures or rough conditions that would rub or demolish different types of slings. They are adaptable, sturdy and enduring, pliable, simple to investigate, collapsible for convenient stockpiling, and will stick securely to a load.


The harness is a connection between a stationary and non-stationary object and is normally made from rope, cable or webbing and bolting hardware/locking hardware. Some security harnesses are used together with a shock absorber, which is utilized to manage deceleration when the finish of the rope is come to.

Chain blocks

Chain Blocks are utilized for heavy duty lifting and operations that handle materials. They are intended to lift and lower stacks by pulling on the hand chain. Chain Blocks are usually made in single or double fall configurations.

Electric hoists

An electrical hoist is a device that is utilized to lift and lower objects in a vertical plane. Cranes can be connected to equipment that will likewise allow them to move on a level plane, increasing their usefulness.

Tirfor winches

TIRFOR machines are lever operated lifts utilizing a separate wire rope. It uses a telescopic working handle.

Lifeline installations – Travsafe system

The Travsafe System is a permanent, double wired rope lifeline system. It is intended to secure users, who are wearing a body harness and shock absorbing safety cord(lanyard), from falls as they cross the line.


The Travsafe lifeline uses two tensioned wire ropes, secured by supports dispersed at a maximum interval of 15.2m.

The Lifeline can also include curves and corners to suit any application.

The Travsafe Traveller is an anchor point. It appends to the cord and has two jaws that consequently hold the wire rope if there should be a fall. Whilst in use, the Traveller is held inside the life line framework. Traveller alternatives are available, which allow the administrator to effectively connect with and withdraw any place along the line that he/she requires.



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