Phakimisa Industries is proud to be an approved distributor for every safety equipment manufacturer whose products we carry. What’s that mean for you? It implies you can be sure that we are presenting to you the best products at the most competitive prices. Our line-up incorporates items from today’s most regarded safety equipment suppliers, and we know these products inside and out.

The construction work site presents various safety challenges, but the most widely recognized reasons given for lost time mishaps include falls. Fall arrest frameworks and fall protection systems normally comprise of different components, for example, safety harnesses, lanyards, lifelines, anchor points and other accessories. A few clients stress that they can’t mix brands from various safety equipment suppliers or manufacturers – that is they prefer a harness from Company X, they must likewise purchase the lifeline from the same organization. Nonetheless, Phakimisa Industries ensures that all of its fall protection safety equipment suppliers provide only items that conform to OSHA safety standards, enabling clients to mix and match brands to create the exact system they require.

Safety Equipment Supplier can help you protect your workers

In any case, chemical spills are a normal part of operations at numerous production factories, plants, and facilities across the country. The way spills are managed are unique to these locations and the materials they store. In spite of their disparities, every one of these plants have one thing in common: the requirement for a firmly established plan to take follow when responding to a spill.

There are two types of spills that OSHA differentiates: incidental and emergency. A spill is categorized as incidental when there is a release of a hazardous substance that does not present an immediate danger to workers; the extent of it is deemed manageable through an examination of the amount, condition, and properties of the substance spilled; and can be managed by properly trained representatives wearing appropriate personal protective gear. Proper safety equipment suppliers ought to always have these products in their line-up.

A spill that requires emergency reaction poses a crisis through factor variables, for example, potential of high exposure to dangerous substances, it threatens life safety, causes evacuation, presents a fire or explosion peril, or generally is conceivably harmful to workers. Emergencies require a fully articulated plan with certified responders prepared to take action. Any minor or ordinary spill that does not require immediate attention and can be safely managed by workers is incidental (OSHA).

This just goes on to prove that safety equipment supplier is a critical in relation to keeping the work environment safe.



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