When you’re working in the construction or manufacturing sectors, one of the most common things you’ll see people walking around with are safety lanyards. These aren’t the common types of card lanyards that you see dangling around the necks of professionals with special access to their workplaces – no.

Lanyards are much more practical and serve an important role in ensuring the safety of construction and factory employees who need to work from different heights. In this blog, we’ll be taking a closer look at what safety lanyards are and what they do.


What are safety lanyards?

A safety lanyard is a device that connects to a safety harness to help prevent the wearer for coming to any harm when working from a height. They can be defined as ropes, wires or cords that are used for several things, such as securing lightweight tools and equipment to the bodies of employees, as well as allowing workers to safely suspend themselves when they’re working above ground level

Lanyards are made from different kinds of materials, including kernmantle rope, braided nylon fibres, specialised leathers as well as a host of other strong and flexible materials.

Types of safety lanyards

Besides equipment holstering, there are generally two types of lanyards available for you to use:

Restraint safety lanyards

Restraint lanyards are designed to prevent employees from falling when they’re suspended from a height. These safety lanyards are designed to be adjusted into different configurations to cater to different working conditions; for example, if a worker is suspended on an aerial platform, the length of the lanyard will have to be specific to that environment to help prevent the wearer from falling.

Fall arrest safety lanyard

Fall arrest safety lanyard on the other hand are mostly used in situations where hazardous situations can’t be avoided or prevented, such as in unfavourable weather conditions or sudden and unforeseen forces of nature. Fall arrest safety lanyard come custom with effective energy-absorbing features that reduce any impact force exerted on a wearers body in the event of a fall.

Safety lanyard are some of the most important pieces of equipment that any construction or factory company can invest in for their employees. Here at Phakamisa Industries, quality and safety are our top priorities with everything that we supply, safety lanyards included.



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